09.02.11 - Partnership with Conflux Sweden

Conflux AB and Flextem GmbH starts joint partnership in the German market

Conflux AB, the Swedish intelligent heating technology company, has for some time experienced the strong demand of new, innovative technologies from the German market. Flextem GmbH will now make sure that this demand is met. Areas of strong demand are the Automotive, Medical and Electronics industry. To supply the big demand from the German markets of the intelligent heating technology, the well renounced company Flextem GmbH has agreed to partner with Conflux AB.

"Conflux AB is committed to change the heating market and to introduce the new intelligent heating technology that supports the needs of reducing energy consumption, CO2-emissions and to make a platform for sustainability. I am very glad that Flextem GmbH, as a well renounced company in the German market, is helping us in supplying the strong demand of the intelligent heating technology in the German market. This will ensure that more customers get the benefits of our intelligent heating technology than we reach today.”

Arnulf von Zedtwitz-Liebenstein, CEO Conflux AB.


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